Jake’s has developed an ultimate and unique line of 100% galvanized products. With built-in flexibility; that focuses on animal comfort, however is both animal and user friendly.

To obtain a high standard of free cow traffic that provides natural cow comfort. Jake’s provides, sort gates, split entry gates, one way gating; whatever your design requires.

With a variety of options, Jake’s has the cow treatment solution to meets your needs.

Jake’s has a full range of robust and durable stabling, which is animal and user friendly; smoothly moving parts, without obstacles.

To ensure that the animals are led through the barn efficiently, Jake’s has a large selection of directional gating.

Jake’s has a well-designed stall, either for your free stall or tie stall barn. Jake’s has the stall you are looking for.

Cows are required to have a sufficient amount of fresh and clean drinking water. Jake’s offers different sizes and types of water troughs.

Jake’s durable, cow catch is an investment to keep your cows healthy.

Jake’s, Feed Fronts/Self-Locks are low maintenance; no springs. Both cow and user friendly.

Jake’s calf cubicles are, practical and affordable! No more outdoor feeding, designed for a healthy calf and efficient cleaning.

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