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Tie Stall


Jake’s Tie Stall’s loops are made at an excellent position for the cows’ comfort and the ability of an operator to attend to the cow. The neck rail is designed to hold the cow in the correct position in the stall, but also to allow the cow with maximum available water supply.

  • Tie stall loop
  • Tie stall post
  • Neck rail/water line
  • Tie chain
  • Water bowl with rubber connection hose
  • Milk line brace (depending on the situation)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are stalls used for?

Cow stall dividers are used to separate individual cows in a barn or stable, providing each cow with its own designated space.

Stall dividers are made from 2 3/8″ round tube 1/8″ thick wall and hot dipped galvanized with Canadian steel.

Yes, stall dividers can be customized to fit the specific dimensions of your dairy. They can also be designed with special designs.

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