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Robot Areas

Robot Areas


With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, Jake’s Robot Area designs are top-notch industry standards, seamlessly integrating with any robot brand. Whether you prefer free cow traffic or guided cow flow, Jake’s ensures a hassle-free setup tailored to your farm’s needs. Jake’s provides support to every new or renovated farm, your partner in elevating cow comfort.

  • Design of entire area including fetch pen
  • Products Used:
    • Gating
    • Fencing
    • Hang Down One-Way Gate or Texas One-Way Gate
    • Sort Gate
    • Posts
    • Mounting Clamps


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are fetch pens necessary in the robot area?

Fetch pens are meant to hold cows that have not visited the robot in a period of time, and allows them to only exit through the robot to get back to the main cow herd.

The robot areas need experienced designing because they cannot create stress on a cow. The design needs to allow the cow to enter the robot in the freest way possible.

Jake’s has been designing robot areas since our early beginnings. We have designed hundreds of robotic milking areas across the globe, no matter what the area shape or size, we have created them to be stressless environments for cows.

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