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Hang-Down Finger One-Way Gate

Hang-Down Finger One-Way Gate


Jake’s Hang-Down Finger One-Way Gates are a leading design in the parlour and robotic milking industry. The fingers are built with a ‘loop’ styled approach in order to give the extra durability. There is rubber secured to each finger, in order to keep the dairy a noise free environment for the cow and the farmer. They are most commonly used at robot fetch pens, parlour entrances, robot exits, and in guided flow traffic on the crossovers.

  • Square tube beam
  • One-way mechanisms
  • One-way fingers
  • Mounting inserts
  • Mounting clamps


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are directional gates?

Directional gates are specialized gates used in dairy farms to guide cows in a specific direction, such as towards the milking parlor or feeding area.

These gates are designed with mechanisms that allow them to open in one direction only, preventing cows from moving in the opposite direction. This helps streamline the flow of cows within the farm.

Using directional gates can help improve efficiency in managing dairy herds by controlling the movement of cows, reducing congestion, and optimizing workflow within the farm.

Yes, directional gates are  easy to install and can be customized to fit the specific layout and needs of a dairy farm. They are designed durable and low-maintenance.

By guiding cows in a controlled manner, directional dairy cow gates can minimize stress and confusion among the cows, leading to a more peaceful and comfortable environment for the animals.

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