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Cow Catch


Jake’s Cow Catch is the perfect investment to keep your cows healthy; cows can be examined and treated right in the pack pen. The cow catch is designed in a way that in the event of the cow falling while treating it, it will not be hung up in the catch.


Our cow catches are made with Canadian steel that is hot-dipped galvanized to withstand wet environments when placed within a dairy.

  • Cow catch frame and catcher
  • Mounting clamps


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cow catch work?

Before sending the cow towards the catch, it is set with the chain at the proper width, then the cow can be sent towards the catch. The cow will automatically be caught by the innovative catching mechanism once the sides of his neck meet the catch doors. 

Cow catches are most commonly installed in pack pens, where cows that are in need of treatment are held.

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