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Bolt-In Stabling

Bolt-In Stabling


At Jake’s, we provide robust bolt-in gating and fencing, eliminating the need for on-site welding. Our fencing accommodates openings up to 15 feet, while our gating caters to openings up to 24 feet, with telescopic inserts for precise adjustments. Our stabling is designed for both animals and users, featuring smooth movement and no obstructions. We offer two lines: dairy stabling with 2″ round tubing (1/8″ wall thickness) and beef stabling with 2 3/8″ round tubing (1/8″ wall thickness).


All gating and fencing are built with Canadian steel, which is hot dipped galvanized after welding, in order to withstand the wet environment which they are placed.

  • Gates
    • Gate Panel
    • Gate Panel Insert
    • Hinges to mount to post or concrete wall
    • Slam Latch or Chain Latch
  • Fencing
    • Fence Panel
    • Fence Panel Insert
    • Clamps to mount to post or anchors to mount to the wall


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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials are used for gates and fences?

Gates and fences are made with 1/8″ wall thickness and, 2″ round tube for dairy cows and 2 3/8″ round tube for beef. They are all made with Canadian steel and are hot dipped galvanized.

Yes, Jake’s gates and fences are easy to install. Both use a clamp on system, so there is no on-site welding required.

When ordering gates and fencing consider your post size, your latching type, the height you want them hung at, the clearance you want below them, and if it is for dairy or beef cows.

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