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About Us

At Jake’s Welding Inc. we are dedicated to building product that has the dairy cow and her farmer in mind. Our ultimate aim is to get the best cow comfort and ease of handling within your dairy. By strategic planning of gating and penning we will get the most out of every square inch of your facility.

You will be pleased with our hard working knowledgeable team, and our flexibility to suit your needs. Our wide range of well-built product is made from Canadian steel by Canadians in Canada! With our bolt-in principle in new dairies, we aim for no above concrete welding; a rust free environment. This also allows for easy dismantling for future expansion or renovation. Instead of cutting apart and disposing, product can be reused. The end result will be a dairy like none other with more milk in your tank and more time on your hands. To see and hear for yourself contact us to visit a dairy in your area and learn first-hand from one of our many happy customers.

Bring us the drawings of your new dairy or renovation. And while we’re there, don’t forget all your regular maintenance around the farm; in the barn and on your equipment.

We are concentrated but not limited to the dairy industry. In the past we have worked on many non-dairy operations; engineered shelving for the manufacturing industry, butcher shops, conveyers, cross-overs, an endless list. We love a challenge – we’ll make it work!


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